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Hi, I'm Adam 

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I am a video content producer born, raised, and living just north of Toronto, Ontario.


From a young age I’ve always been around a movie camera. It first started off when my mom would take me to auditions for commercials at the age of 7. Somehow, I landed several commercials in that short early career, and even got a call back audition for Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison as "The Kid That Peed His Pants." That eventually led me to attend a High School arts program specializing in theatre. More importantly, it was this school where I discovered one of the very first iMac computer labs in the country. When I saw digital video editing on an iMac, I knew I was more interested in being behind the camera, than in front of it. I've been producing several forms of video content ever since.​

During my extensive 15-year professional journey, I've worked in marketing and video production, taking on various roles that have shaped me into the professional I am today. I'm not just a producer; I'm a hands-on team player who understands and embraces every aspect of the production process, no matter how big or small. My talent lies in bringing together a team of exceptional individuals, each with their own unique skills, and uniting them to create something worth watching. 

If you're looking to execute a production from the start or need support to see one cross the finish line, reach out to me and I'd be more than happy to see how I can help you meet your content production goals.

Brands I've worked on.

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What others say about working with me.

After signing on with Adam, he and his production team began executing the project right away, bringing us back a product we were very happy with while also checking in frequently throughout the process to ensure everyone was on the same page. Adam's creative vision, seamless execution and all-in work ethic made our project so successful and after working with several other production groups since, it just makes us appreciate the approach he takes that much more. 

Will Simpson, Greencircle Salons

Adam is very hard working and committed to delivering quality work. He goes above and beyond to bring to life engaging video content while staying within budget and meeting client expectations and deadlines. He’s very professional, talented and a pleasure to work with.

Gea Koleva, Fengate Asset Management

Adam is very professional and a great guy to work with! I highly recommend working with him – he's great at what he does and he's also fun to hang out with while you're working together. He has a lot of really cool creative ideas – when it comes to film production – but also in other areas of business and brand building.

Ryan Cash, Built by Snowman

I’ve worked with Adam on numerous projects and he’s an amazing guy to collaborate with! Knows his stuff and gets things done. I highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for for someone to anchor and lead a production team on any project!

Stefane Deeks, XMC Marketing

I hired Adam Brandon to be my personal assistant for "Little Italy" filmed in Toronto, Canada. After roughly 22 days of filming, I was so impressed with Adam's professionalism and reliability that I decided I'd like him to continue working with me for both personal and professional business. Even though Adam had never taken on the role as a personal assistant before, he was able to adjust his skill set to fit the job requirements and surpass my expectations. 

Hayden Christensen, Actor

He was professional when working with high profile talent and stepped in to perform in various scenes that required vocal cues and interaction with characters. Adam was a great addition to my VFX department with his wide range of skills and professionalism and would highly recommend him for your future production.

Erik-Jan De Boer, VFX Oscar Winner

Adam is an extremely hardworking, dedicated and organized producer. He is an absolute pleasure to work with with a collaborative, engaging and fun approach to his work. Rarely using the word "no", unless it is in favour of the project, he works hard to achieve outstanding results no matter what the ask is. I am looking forward to working with him again in the future!

Bradley Hendricks, Montana Steele

Adam is reliable, communicative and most importantly produces great content. As an agency director I hired him to produce a video for a high profile event under an extremely tight deadline, and he delivered. On time and on budget. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

Alyssa Lioutas, Duet Public Relations

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